Danny Tarkanian has lived in Nevada for almost 50 years Dave Nelson and his campaign staff are California Transplants

I have lived in Nevada for nearly 50 years and I have fiercely fought to maintain the values, culture and lifestyle which make our state such a special place to call home. My wife, Amy, and I moved our four young children to Douglas County so that they would grow up and experience its rural heritage. I am running for Douglas County Commissioner to ensure the values and traditions we all cherish about our state stand strong for generations to come.

I am running for County Commissioner to be your voice in safeguarding the values, traditions, and lifestyle we all love about Douglas County. I ask for your support on election day – June, 9th 2020

Dave Nelson and his campaign staff are California transplants who use bullying techniques to attack anyone who does not agree with them. They demand that we accept their views of how we should live our lives and what our community should look like.

They have started, and will continue, a vile and shameful campaign attacking me with lies, deceit and deception.  If a candidate will lie to you to get elected, he is going to lie to you once he is in office.

Who do you trust to protect Douglas County’s rural heritage: a nearly 50 year resident of Nevada who moved his entire family to Douglas County because of its rural heritage; OR a California transplant who was a registered Democrat before he moved to Douglas County.

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