While my opponent campaigns on past issues, I am focusing on the future needs of Douglas County and what I can do as County Commissioner to achieve the best results.

The most important issue currently facing Douglas County is the prevention of and recovery from the Coronavirus.

We as a community must adhere to the CDC guidelines for the safety of all residents. It is helpful that grocery stores and other businesses provide hand sanitizers to customers when they enter. Another safety measure would be to provide masks.

On a state and federal level, testing kits must be made abundantly available and they must continue to work tirelessly for therapies and a vaccine.

While these steps are taken, the County Commissioners should be working on a Douglas County Economic Recovery Plan. A Business Council should be convened to discuss the needs and resources available to help our businesses recover and prosper again as swiftly as possible.

We need to reach out and obtain financial support from sources Douglas County has neglected in the past including the federal government. My relationship with President Trump and members of his staff will provide us the access we need to help Douglas County tap into ALL of the available funds.

Douglas County can, and should be, the shining example of an American community who bound together and conquered our challenges the way Americans have always done.

©2023 Tarkanian for Douglas County Commissioner

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