Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

There are a number of noble professions in the United States that deserve special recognition for the selfless nature performing them requires.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has highlighted how our nation’s doctors, nurses and frontline EMT personnel are willing to put their own lives at risk to help protect the rest of us.  

Another noble profession that has perhaps the most profound impact on the future of our great nation is Teaching. The people who dedicate their lives to teaching our youth do not do it to get rich. Their motivation is a generosity of spirit and a desire to help young Americans learn the skills they will need as adults as well as how to behave and learn more complex concepts later in life.

This week is Teachers Appreciation Week, a time that has always been very meaningful to me.I was raised in a family of educators.

My father started his career teaching mathematics at San Joaquin Memorial High School in Fresno. My mother started the largest private school for the deaf in California and has spent most of her adult life working with special education children. My sister Pam, followed in my mother’s footsteps and has spent the past 35 years teaching special educational children, first in the Carson City School District and later in the Clark County School District. My brother George has been a political science professor at the junior college level for decades.

I have witnessed the time, sacrifice, disappointment and joy each of them has experienced working to make our young children more successful in their lives. I could not be prouder of what each of them has accomplished and the impact they have had in an uncountable number of lives.

My wife, Amy, and I moved to Douglas County, in large part because of its tremendously successful education system. Douglas High School is ranked at the top of the public schools in Nevada as is Pinon Hills at the elementary school level. And I have seen firsthand with my son Jerry that Minden Elementary is at the top also. Principle Ken Stoll does an incredible job and Jerry’s fourth grade teacher, Becky Whitmore, is the best he has ever had.

We are all so blessed to have these teachers and administrators in our children’s lives. I am grateful that we take a day each year to honor these heroes.

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