Danny Provides Great Transparency to Douglas County Residents: 

Danny sends out weekly newsletters informing constituents what is transpiring within the county and with the county commission, providing much-needed transparency. Danny clearly and concisely explains what is happening at each Commission meeting so residents are better informed. No commissioner has done this before, and Danny has opened the door to Douglas County governance to all.

Danny is Keeping Douglas County Rural:
Danny has limited growth by voting against any new development that does not comply with Zoning and the Master Plan. Only 90 new homes were approved in his three and half years in office.

Danny Quickly Responds to Each Resident:
Danny quickly responds to every resident who calls, emails, or texts him and does his utmost to help them or refer them to the county employee who can help.  Danny has been consistently opposed to these efforts by other board members who oppose his constituent service level.   Danny holds Town Halls throughout the county to meet with & hear from his constituents and, attends as many community events as possible and promotes them in his newsletters.

Danny Scrutinizes County Spending Down to Each Dollar:
Danny closely scrutinizes and questions every major contract signed by the county, always voting against wasteful spending.  For example, Danny was the only commissioner to vote against spending close to a million dollars for outside consultants to advise the Board on how it should conduct its business, including what job categories Douglas County should have and what to pay its employees.

Danny is the Voice of the People:
Danny believes his first and foremost job is to represent the residents of Douglas County and always puts their best interests first. He always fights for and defends residents and issues with which he agrees, even if it conflicts with county staff or other Commissioners. He is truly a strong and dependable voice for residents but also works for solutions agreeable to all parties.

Danny Promotes Community Small Businesses and Community Needs:
Danny produces & disseminates weekly videos promoting small businesses in Douglas County — more than 125 so far!   He also produces and disseminates monthly videos encouraging the adoption of homeless dogs and cats at the Douglas County Animal Shelter — more than 30 so far!   Danny is always looking out for the unsung heroes of Douglas County to promote their causes and give them the thanks our County owes them. Danny hosts and pays for annual barbeques for residents to meet each other and connect.

(More than 200 emails praising Tarkanian)

Demetra and Rick Chamberlain: You are a representative who works on behalf of his constituency, has integrity, and wants to make this world a better place.  We laud you for your tireless efforts.  Keep on doing what you’re doing because you are a diamond in the government swamp.  If more representatives embraced your work ethic and philosophy, we wouldn’t be in our current state of affairs.

Gayle Wedgwood: In the 26 years I have lived here NO elected official of ANY office has kept us more informed than you have: what the Commission would be discussing and how they voted after the meeting.

John (Bumper) Morgan: It takes grit and courage to stand up for what’s right and best for the common citizen – you’ve shown that.

Robert Dickerson: You are the best, most informative elected person I have ever encountered.

Stan and Caryn Wilson: You’re the real deal, which of course makes you a pariah in politics. You are perhaps the most ethical politician I have ever met. Not sure if we deserve you, but we are sure lucky to have you. You are one of the few elected officials in my lifetime who truly are first and foremost, public servants.

Dolly Schreckengost: Thank you Danny, our road has been fixed and we have you to thank!  I’ve let people around here know that you got the ball rolling because you took the time to come and see how bad it was.

Johnathan Hester: We really appreciate you stepping up and working so hard on this. It’s a shame that other commissioners seem to be avoiding the issue. My neighbor said you even offered to come out and get a tour of our neighborhood (Round Hill). Amazing!

Thomas Starrett: You have done an excellent job. Your outreach columns, (the ‘adopt-a -pet, unsung hero,& business of the week features), the First Annual Labor Day Community Picnic, the Pre-and post- BOCC meet analyses have endeared you to the community.

Anthony Spatucci: Thank you for answering my initial email regarding the parking situation here at Oliver Park GID. No other commissioner would do so

Kathryn Bricker: You are a rare example of what is NOT wrong with government.

Jim Durso: Excellent to see someone with conviction stand up to so much opposition.  No one else on the BOCC does as much homework nor asks as many good questions.

Jonna Morales: As a 44 year Douglas Co. resident, I have never experienced a Commissioner keeping us residents so well informed on what is happening in the valley.  Keep it going Danny.

Cindy Sharrits: I can’t begin to thank you for fighting for us. Everything you do and say makes complete sense.

Tim Brown
: Excellent and well written as always! Honesty & Bravery are important these days.

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Danny Tarkanian, a long-time resident of Nevada, has called this state his home for nearly half a century. He’s married to Amy Tarkanian, the former Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party, a television/radio political commentator, and an appointed member of the bipartisan Nevada Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee On Participatory Democracy. Together, they have raised a family of four children. Lois is studying digital business in Barcelona, Spain. Ashley will attend Fresno State and compete on the women’s golf team. Ava is studying nursing at the University of Arizona. Son, Jerry will be entering the eighth grade.

Danny attended Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. He graduated with high honors from UNLV and magna cum laude from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Danny’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a thriving nonprofit youth basketball organization, teaching young children the life lessons they learn through playing sports. The Tarkanian Basketball Academy is the largest private nonprofit sports facility in Nevada. His prowess in commercial real estate is evident in the Tarkanian Professional Center, a 100,000-square-foot commercial hub that weathered Nevada’s real estate downturn and flourished.

Danny’s family story represents the American Dream and service to the community. His grandmother, Rose, escaped the Armenian Genocide and came to America for a better life for her family. She persevered through her husband’s early death and the Great Depression. Her son Jerry became the greatest basketball coach in NCAA history. Danny’s mother, Lois, founded California’s first private school for hard-of-hearing students. She has served on the Clark County School Board and Las Vegas City Council and is currently a University Regent.

In 2004, Danny embarked on a path of public service, securing the Republican nomination for State Senate. His political journey continued in 2016, when he became the Republican nominee for US Congress, narrowly losing the general election by 1% in the most expensive race in the country. In 2020, Danny was elected to the Douglas County Commission. In his three and a half years in office, he has provided new, innovative, and valuable services to his constituents. More than 200 constituents have emailed him, thanking him for his service.

Danny believes his legal background, experience in real estate, running a small business, and track record of bringing people together to perform at their highest level make him a great asset to the Douglas County Commission.


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