“No No Nelson’s” vote directly resulted in the Parks family acquiring the right build 2,500 new homes

With no evidence and no factual basis, Nelson’s campaign claim’s that I am pro-growth and tied to the development industry, despite the fact that I moved my entire family here to Douglas County to specifically be a part of a small, close-nit, rural community so of course I promise to fight against unwanted new growth.

Let’s set the record straight, Nelson’s 2018 vote directly resulted in the Park’s family acquiring the right to build 2,500 new homes. In 2018, an agreement was reached between the Parks family and Douglas County whereby the County would receive, at no cost, all of the land needed to build Muller Parkway and the Parks family would receive “no right to build any new homes”. This deal wasn’t good enough for No No Nelson. He cast the deciding vote against it.

No No Nelson had no alternative plan, so as we all know, Douglas County ended up acquiring the land needed to build Muller Parkway but only after providing the Parks family the right to develop 2,500 new homes nearby.

Do not believe the lies and deceit sprouting from the Nelson campaign. Remember, if a candidate will lie to you just to get elected, he is going to lie to you once he is in office!



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